maandag 30 mei 2011

Boggy peak meet-up Dusseldorf!

We had been looking forward for this meet-up for a long time. Last Saturday the day was finaly there! So Rox, Charlotte, Jessica and I got up at 7am to do our hair. And at 10am were on our way from Amersfoort-the Netherlands to Dusseldorf-Germany. We would be meeting up with Kari and Estherbel in Dusseldorf.

Rox always looks fab...also when driving the car.

And on our way we took a lil break and made some fun.
After that we continued our trip to Dusseldorf!!!
We would be meeting with everyone at the station in Dusseldorf.
We were almost there! So we turned left at a traffic-light.
And suddenly BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Before we knew it...we were in a carcrash. Glass all over us!!
And Charlotte her head was bleeding0_0 HOMFG! It was soooo scary!

The car couldn't be saved...Goodbye car:(! But we're all alive! That's all that matters!

After the crash Rox her uncle came to pick us up. But before he was in Dusseldorf( he had to come from the Netherlands) we had some time to meet up with Boggy Peak and the others.
Even though under bad circumstances..we did found the time to take puri's and talk a lil.

After all we had to make the best of it...

I feel like HYPER can survive anything after something like this!

I wanna thank all of you for taking such a good care for us and being so nice(also people who are not on the pic!)
And a special thank to Sacha and Jessica who stayed with us all the time!! Thank you soooo much!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Die car-crash die blijft er echt heftig uitzien zeg!

    Maar verder zie je er wel erg leuk uit op de foto's! :D

  2. glad u guys r ok~ and wish i was there in the meet~>.<

  3. I'm glad you all were ok!

    Everybody looks wonderfull ♥