zondag 5 augustus 2012

Hello there<3

A little while a go I went to the Gyaru picknick. It was so much fun! I hadn't been to a meeting for a long time, so it was really nice to see my girls again. It was really wonderful to see that so many girls had put so much effort in their looks. They looked so gorgeous!

Here are some pictures<3

Juul and me

Rox, Me, Charlie and Juul

My momma came back from her vacation and she got me this beautiful knuckle clutch as a pressent. So sweet! It maches my wardrobe perfectly<3

And I bought myself some gorgeous Jane Norman sandals and a skull necklace.
I love the Jane Norman brand so much! Every time I walk by at the windows I can't help myself.. I need to go in and have a look at their recent collection.

The skull necklace I bought at the NI~NA. A cute little store in Leeuwarden which sells home decoration, jewelry and some '50s clothing. I adore this necklace so much and I want a matching bracelet as well!

I also bought this hairdye in Turqoise. I find the color in the picture a bit dark, so maybe I will make the color lighter when I apply it on my hair. I´m still waiting for this to arrive, so stay tuned!!

I love feather earrings but I could never find myself a pair that I really really liked. Recently I came across these beauties. Do you like them?

So..that's it for now!

Much love<3

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